About Us

Founder~ Lorinda J



My Elixir of Life,LLC was born out of my love for juicing. I love juicing
fruits and veggies especially the dark green leafy ones. 

In January 2013, I stumbled up on an article about chlorophyll
and how wheatgrass is the juice of life. I started reading as much as
I could on wheatgrass and purchased a book called " The
Wheatgrass Book" by Ann Wigmore. I was blown away by what I read. The
health benefits of chlorophyll are truly amazing and the science
behind it backs it up. Why aren't more people using this stuff? Its
not some new crazed claim to health, its been around for years so what
gives? I then went out and purchased everything to grow my own
wheatgrass. Its fun to grow and only takes 7 days to 10 days to mature
for juicing .I even got my 4 year old to drink it (mixed with juice of
course)  I like to call it LIQUID

That is how it all started, I wanted some how to get the word out on how great wheatgrass really was but of course selling fresh wheatgrass online would not work. So I came up with selling Wheatgrass powder. From there the product line grew and it keeps growing. I have Incorporated some healthy products that I
feel are all equally amazing in their own ways .

Fresh is always best but how many times have you filled the
fridge with veggies just for most of it to go bad ? Hope you enjoy the
products and I am truly grateful for your business..


My Elixir of Life~
Bringing you all natural & organic products for health and Vitality !